Our Business partners

In implementing its projects on each local market, the Group draws on its global competencies and on a partner network that spans the entire development and financing value chain. It has established strong long-term relationships with leading suppliers of photovoltaic panels such as Jinko Solar and Renesola and suppliers of other system components such as ABB, Krinner and Bouygues, all the while promoting quality and cost optimisation through competitive bidding processes. At the same time, thanks to our specialised knowledge of the expectations of leading investors and banks for the photovoltaic sector, coupled with the expertise of our structured financing teams, we have been able to establish and take advantage of our excellent relations with renowned lenders and investors, in particular BlackRock, KGAL, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, KFW, HSH Nordbank and Union Investment and State Bank of India.