Our three business lines

Solairedirect has developed an integrated value chain, which indicates the reason for its success: a total capacity of 743 MW across four continents, through 75 solar farms under construction or having started sales as at 31st December 2015.

This innovative integrated value chain associates three different operational units: project development and construction of installations, asset services, and investment management.

Project development and construction of solar parks

Project development: the six factors for success

The development of a photovoltaic plant project must meet six conditions in order to succeed:

  • validation of the energy and economic potential of the installation site
  • verification of land restrictions and project integration within local communities
  • compliance with local regulations
  • obtaining all the required administrative authorizations
  • Specification of the technical and economic performance features of the project, in terms of efficiency, safety, reliability, etc.
  • modeling of cash flows over the long term

Construction of facilities: our three specific areas of expertise

Solairedirect guarantees high quality construction, the cost of which is handled from the initial design of the photovoltaic park through to its commissioning. This requires multiple skills :

  • High design standards: the company develops innovative technical solutions to successfully cut the costs of construction and maximize the performance of the installation throughout its duration.
  • Optimization of purchases: Solairedirect selects its partners according to strict criteria, based on service history, business values, competitiveness of bids, business continuity grounded in a healthy financial situation, respect for the environment, execution capacity threshold, quality of technical elements, ability to meet deadlines, etc.
  • Supervised project management: the company relies on a network of industrial and engineering partners. These international, national and local partners adapt to satisfy the restrictions of the market concerned. Each project benefits from the expertise accrued by the Solairedirect teams involved from the start to the end in project supervision.


Asset services

Solairedirect looks to get the very best from the assets it manages. Throughout an installation’s working life, Solairedirect therefore regularly offers its customers solutions for optimizing its technical and financial performance.

Operations: our commitment to results

Fully involved as technical user of the installations, Solairedirect makes a commitment to its customers with regard to results. This commitment takes the form of a contract: customers indemnified for their financial losses in cases of non-performance. In order to guarantee this commitment, our teams assume the responsibility for:

I. running the installation

  • remote surveillance
  • performance monitoring
  • management of alarms, monitoring of equipment availability
  • direction of on-site technical work

II. facilities maintenance

  • preventive maintenance according to a schedule aimed at staying ahead of ageing equipment
  • corrective maintenance: repairs in the event of failure
  • management of stocks of spare parts

III. installation upkeep

  • installation cleaning, site weed removal, etc.

Asset management

The company acts on behalf of its customers to ensure the administrative, legal and financial management of each solar installation. This mission specifically consists of providing the following services:

  • accounting management and management control
  • administrative management of the project company
  • legal secretariat of the project company
  • entertaining relations with stakeholders and managing commitments made by them (land lessors, local population, lending bank, network manager, etc.)

This complete range of services and guarantees gives investors a high degree of confidence and a profitability level that exceeds expectations.


Management of investments in existing or new installations

Solairedirect manages a portfolio of investments that may consist of:

  • investments made in projects built for sale after construction (brownfield),
  • residual minority shares in projects that have already been sold off pre-construction (greenfield).

Low-risk assets

Solairedirect aims to secure the financing process thanks to systematic identification and limitation of the risks involved in photovoltaic assets (technical, logistics, industrial, regulatory, legal and financial risks, etc.).

Careful attention is therefore paid to each critical aspect:

  • solar forecasting (kWh/m²/year)
  • guarantees of performance (according to the standards laid down in an Energy Performance Contract)
  • providing technical assistance throughout the duration of the operating contract and assurance of maintenance of the project and contract
  • suitable guarantees and indemnities (delivery, performance)
  • suitable insurance policies
  • dedicated SPV
  • finance without recourse

Internationally, the innovative approach taken by Solairedirect has attracted a vast community of bankers and investors (insurers, pension funds, infrastructural funds, private individuals, etc.). These customers and partners may be confident of finding the best possible balance of risk and profitability in the photovoltaic assets developed by Solairedirect.