The MENA market

The MENA region is the world’s largest consumer of energy. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) electricity demand should double by 2050 in several countries in this region.

At the moment, nearly 96% of installed capacity in the MENA region depends on fossil energy, which has serious repercussions on the environment.

It is therefore crucial for the countries in this area to increase the share of renewable energy, in particular, photovoltaic energy in their energy mix. This is all the more relevant since the region has very high levels of sunlight and many countries are close to grid parity (i.e. the price of photovoltaic electricity is equal to that of conventional electricity).

Our Strategy in the MENA zone

Solairedirect has many projects in the pipeline in countries in this region. They include:

  • Senegal : in a conducive context where the economic growth rate was 6.4% in 2015, on January 14, 2016, Solairedirect signed a partnership agreement for the building and operation over 25 years of a solar plant in the town of Méouane, for a production capacity of 30 MW. The electricity produced will be sold to the Senegalese state utility, Société Nationale d’Electricité du Sénégal (Senelec), at 65 FCFA per kWh.
  • In 2015, Solairedirect secured a 50 MW project in Egypt’s Aswan region, as part of a feed-in tariff scheme set up by the national operator EETC. Solairedirect will also build a 50 MW solar park, for the project won by ENGIE as part of an EPC contract.
  • In Turkey, Solairedirect took part in the call for tender by the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, TEIAS in 2014 with four 10 MW projects. It is also studying the project for a 1 GW solar plant in the centre of the country with its parent company ENGIE.
  • In Jordan, Solairedirect took part in the call for tender organized by the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) in May 2015. It is also studying various possibilities for supplying competitive energy to local companies.

More generally, Solairedirect is examining all new opportunities that are arising in the Emirates and the Middle East.

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