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The south-east Asian market

South East Asia is an incredible diverse region that has been experiencing rapid economic growth in recent years. Although this dynamic has provided the countries in the region with extraordinary opportunities, it has also brought along social and environmental challenges.

The photovoltaic markets of this geographical area are developing at varying pace, with Thailand leading the pack with close to 2.5 GW installed capacity. Recently, the Philippines has experienced a boom of about 700 MW of projects delivered under its feed in tariff. Meanwhile, Indonesia is revising its renewable energy targets and aiming for a 5 GW program to commence soon. In parallel, rapid rise of power demand in countries like Vietnam and Myanmar combined with increasing environmental pressures to reduce the reliance on coal, create unprecedented growth potential for utility scale solar energy at affordable rates.

Solairedirect has been present in Thailand since January 2012, and recently opened a subsidiary in Singapore to meet the enormous development potential of this region.

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  • 2012

    Present in Thailand since 2012

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    Indonesian development program

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    Present in Singapore since 2015

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