Our achievements worldwide

Community solar power in France

Community solar energy aims at making communities energy self-sufficient through the use of photovoltaic electricity. This shift to renewable energy is made possible by creating partnerships between government agencies, local communities, associations and all inhabitants concerned.

Solairedirect has developed this model, in particular, in the Poitou-Charentes region under the initiative of Ségolène Royal. The region has chosen to support photovoltaic energy, according to a sustainable rationale of green growth that will create businesses, attractiveness and jobs.

A pioneer in the field, in 2011, Solairedirect created the semi-public limited company ESTER (community solar electricity) in the Poitou-Charentes region. ESTER is 65% owned by the region, and 35% owned by Solairedirect and has enabled the region to produce electricity for its local needs. The ESTER system is completed with the over-the-counter sale of electricity, at a very competitive price and in the long-term – a contract that is unique in Europe.


On September 24, 2015, the Poitou-Charentes region and Solairedirect received the Demain l’Économie award under the aegis of the French Minister for the Economy, Emmanuel Macron, which rewards an innovative collaboration between an SME and the public sector.


Competitive solar power in India

Solairedirect’s main objective has always been to produce reliable, sustainable and very competitive solar MWh. To achieve this, it has developed a solid business model based on an integrated model, optimized production and financing costs and maximum risk control.

Our projects in India illustrate this competitive solar model perfectly. In December 2011, barely a year after its establishment in India, Solairedirect won its first solar park project by offering the cheapest price per kWh at 7.49 INR, approximately €109 per MWH. This success was hailed by one of the country’s major daily newspapers, The Hindu, which saw in this event the emergence of solar energy “affordable for the common man”. Four years on, in January 2016, Solairedirect won 140 MW of projects, proposing 4.35 INR/kWh, a price 40% lower than in 2011. This is a critical milestone since for the first time in India, solar energy is cheaper than coal.


Solar power integrated into the grid in South Africa

South Africa is undergoing an energy crisis, linked to the country’s rapid economic development. To meet its electricity needs, modernize its infrastructure and diversify its energy mix, which is very coal-dependent, the country has engaged in a program to expand its production capacity.

Boosted to a large extent by the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP), photovoltaic demand in South Africa has exploded and is accompanied by high environmental requirements. Present in South Africa since 2009, Solairedirect immediately took the full measure of the specific characteristics of this market and has been able to adapt to its requirements.


Solar power at market price in Chile

In Chile, electricity users usually buy power on the wholesale market or under the power purchase agreement (PPA). Clients who have a grid connection capacity of over 2 MW are not subject to pricing rules and can negotiate tariffs with electricity producers.

Present in Chile since 2010, Solairedirect met the specific characteristics of this market. Our Group is capable of financing and building projects aligned on current wholesale prices rather than on long-term power purchase contracts, as demonstrated by the 53.8 MW Los Loros solar park that it is building in the Atacama Desert.