Our Human Resources vision

Our values

There are six values underpinning the dynamism and cohesion which are our hallmarks:


Our actions to enhance the value of our human capital

Solairedirect has succeeded in attracting an exceptional human capital, comprised of professionals with a wide range of skills. We are committed to developing and valuing this human capital through concrete measures.

Diversity – Solairedirect is convinced that diversity in its broadest sense (gender, culture, social origin, age, nationality, career path, etc.) is the Group’s greatest asset. It is a major advantage when it comes to innovation, performance and adaptation to very diverse contexts.

Equal opportunity and treatment – Solairedirect guarantees equal opportunity and equal treatment for all its employees. The Group guarantees that there will be no discrimination whatsoever, direct or indirect, with respect to work relations and conditions, in recruitment and training processes, career development, or compensation systems.

Training – The Group has a responsibility to keep up-to-date with changes in its businesses. In order to meet this challenge, Solairedirect is committed to developing the skills of its managers (leadership and team management), while also offering a professional training scheme to all its employees regardless of their position or job hierarchy.

Health – We also have a responsibility to create a work environment that protects the health of our employees. We feel that a healthy working environment contributes to our employees’ fulfilment, while reducing risks of under-performance (measured through absenteeism and accident rates).

Solairedirect´s value is created, above all, by the men and women who work with us. Every day, each employee contributes to the achievement of the collective goal, in keeping with our Group’s values and culture.